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The blind turtle and the wood - A gratefulness story - Chinese and Japanese culture - Arigatai Sushi Restaurant, Miami, Florida

The blind turtle and the floating wood

What does it mean “Arigatai”?

It is said that…
On one occasion, Buddha tells one of his disciples, Anan:

A blind turtle that lives at the bottom of the ocean can emerge from the water and float only once in 100 years. A thick piece of wood with a hole floats in the sea. He asks if the blind turtle could put his head in that hole when it emerges from the water after 100 years.

Anan replies that it is impossible, that that could never happen.

– Are you sure but sure it is impossible?

Anan can’t answer. And Buddha teaches him that is not impossible, it may be difficult but not impossible. It is much more difficult, a miracle that you were born in this world, and that is arigatai / 有 り 難 い, arigatō / あ り が と う.

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