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Arigatai Sushi ~ Fusion restaurant in North Miami, Florida

What does 有難い ARIGATAI mean?

Arigatai means “to be grateful”. That is our motto. Gratefulness is the door to happiness. We invite you to come to arigatisushi and build memories, be happy and enjoy a wonderful dining experience.

Our Approach

We’re a family group passionate about “Japanese-Fusion” food. Quality is at the top of our list and “you” at the center of everything we do. Through our 23-year of culinary journey, we have combined flavors and developed a wide-ranging menu filled with delicious sushi and exotic Asian fare dishes. Try our “Arigatai Fuego Roll” or our uniquely satisfying, visually arresting “Arigatai Miso Sea Bass”. We continue to innovate and evolve to bring you a fantastic dining experience. Stop by, we’re waiting for you at our sushi restaurant in Miami, Florida.

Arigatai Sushi - Asian fusion cusine in North Miami, Florida - Arigatai best sushi restaurant
The Experience - Arigatai Sushi, Miami
The Experience - Arigatai Sushi, Miami

The Experience

Pull up a chair, stay awhile and forget about the world… Arigatai is a modern yet warm and fuzzy sushi restaurant in Miami, where you’ll enjoy happy moments. The relaxing, inviting atmosphere combined with our indulgent menu made arigatai a great place to dine out. Family operated, with a strong commitment to quality and service, at arigatai you’ll feel at home.

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